China LCS All-Star team announced

Posted by Atanas "bloodyrose" Plachkov at 01 May 2013 15:03

China's team for LCS All-Stars is finally revealed and heavily dominated by members of team World Elite.

Today the All-Star team of China was revealed and all five top voted members were part of the WE team. The dominance of the team is obvious since all five members won more than 50% of the votes for their specific role. However because of the rule that allows only three members of a team to participate in the All-Star team, WE.FZZF and WE.CaoMei will not participate.

As expected the adc of the Chinese team will be taken by non other than WE.WeiXiao who won with 58.1%.

misaya.pngThe mid laner for China is also not a surprise and is given to the king of Twisted Fate - WE.Misaya that took 62.03% of all votes for his lane.

The last member of team WE who will participate in the All-Star team is their jungler - Troll. Outside of Asia the player is more popular as Clearlove. He took his spot after winning 56.75% of the votes.

The top lane for the team will be given to iG.Pdd who took second place and 23.92% of the votes.

For now controversial is only the support role for the Chinese team. The second most voted is another member of iG - XiaoXiao who took 15.14% of the votes but it is rumored that he is going to pass the spot to the third in the rankings - OMGLovelin. Further clarification on the topic is expected.

Source - League of Legends