400 CS Shaco rips World Elite apart in today's LPL

Posted by Michale "DreXxiN" Lalor at 28 April 2013 21:33

IG and WE would not showcase their dominance in today's games after OMG and LM fought hard to knock them out in day 3 of this week.

Fresh from their victory against Invictus Gaming last night, World Elite would drive that energy into this game, but struggling to keep even with the underestimated Team Livemore While by no means losing their edge early, World Elite was certainly pressed against their seat this game, feeling the pressure from the siege and assassin-like composition from LiveMore including the use of Shaco.

WE feeling the pain of IM's siege potential.

Eventually, World Elite would fall behind in towers but stay even in the gold until Livemore's support Zyra would steal away dragon over the wall. World Elite found themselves hard pressed at this point, looking to create opportunities that were slowly diminishing.

Where World Elite would find excellent kill opportunities, an inhibitor trade gone wrong would leave LM's standing with Shaco crushing through the inhibitor and one of the Nexus turrets. Despite this loss, World Elite would manage to utilize their experience in the scene by pushing back into Livemore's base as a solid team, a more than opportune moment for Malphite to greet them at their doorstep with a fantastic ultimate. on all 5 of the enemy team.

For the aspiring Shaco's: Livemore's jungler ended the game with 416 farm, accumulating Berzerker's Greaves, Guardian's Angel, Bloodthirster, BotrK, Ravenous Hydra, and Tri-Force.


Wings of Aurora versus Royal Club started with at a snail's pace with nothing too extravagant starting at level 1. However, a gank on the mid lane would allow Viktor to pick up an early game, followed shortly by Uzi on Twisted Fate going bottom for a gank.

Even 15 minutes into the game, the teams would remain dead even with the gold distribution fairly strong for each team. This would continue on until a single miss-step would throw the lead in Royal Club's favor heavily

Woops...that's not our jungle.

While fights would go back and forth, WoA would prove to scale worse in the end and the global presure of Royal Club was too high after the exposing of their base. An ace at the 38 minute mark would allow Royal Club to drive the game home.

Positive Energy vs. Waiyi Spider would be a showcase of talents in some very obscure champions, making for the perfect prelude before the last game of the night. Champions picked in this game include Pantheon, Kennen, Lee Sin, and Urgot. Yet another game of the night would prove to stall at a stalemate for quite some time with the only noteable difference being Kennen way far of his opponent 'Leaf' on Pantheon.

The manliest of mantheons man-drops onto 3 a man.

Bravery runs strong in China with a well prepared Pantheon ultimate from 'Leaf' causing havoc onto Urgot in the early game, catching him off guard. However, the bane of all Pantheons would be displayed as the game drifted into midgame. Eventually, Pantheon began falling off in fights and Positive Energy gained an astounding lead, being up 17-9 at 23 minutes.

The lead would prove too much and Positive Energy would just crush into Spider's base, making short work of their nexus and taking the win.


The final game of the night would be Invictus Gaming vs. OMG. Both teams would decide to start the game off passively, favoring the safety in the early jungle phase. An early first blood in the very beginning of the game with the help of Volibear would allow OMG to capitalize on an early 1-0 lead, making for a scary Zac in the early game.

Poor iG bottom lane...

The camp was brutal in the bottom lane for Invictus Gaming and Volibear with the help of Zac would rip them a new one, starting 3-0 and pulling shockingly ahead of the dominant iG. The fight was not over yet, however, as Invictus Gaming would persevere and find some kill opportunities of their own -- but was it enough with the map and global advantage of OMG?

Things became even darker and more grim for iG when Ahri started becoming a monster as well, becoming 4-0 and having incredible assassination potential. The lead would be driven by OMG and well executed enough to tear iG apart -- an outcome that no one would have anticipated.