Korean LCS All-Star team revealed

Posted by Atanas "bloodyrose" Plachkov at 24 April 2013 19:08
Today the final Korean All-Star team was revealed after a dramatic top lane last minute decision.

The results for the Korean All-Star team are finally out. Most of the lanes are quite expected but the fight for top lane continued to the last minute.

The highest vote percentage of all players (including EU and NA) was achieved by MadLife from team CJ ENTUS Frost as the support for the all star team with the astonishing 80,6% which is a little above 300 000 votes.

The jungler for the team is as expected Insec from KT Rolster B who gathered close to 50% of the votes for junglers.

The mid laner for the All-Star team is going to be Ambition from Blaze, while the adc role is going to be taken by Pray from NaJin Sword.

The most contested vote was for the top lane where MakNoon faced Shy. Shy was falling behind in the vote but after 7% catch up in the last week of the vote he managed to win the top lane vote with 0.1 % difference. That way he became the second member of Frost to participate in the All-Star team.

The coach of the team NaJin e-mFire, and legendary Protoss from Brood War Reach, is going to lead the All-Star team.