Na`Vi acquires a StarCraft 2 roster

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 09 April 2013 18:03
Best known for its Dota and Counter-Strike squads, the Ukrainian organization now ventures into SC2 waters by purchasing the roster of FXOpen Europe.

FXO's European division was first formed in March 2012 when the organization acquired the former squad of the Russian Guild of Imbalance (who were until then under FXO sponsorship), featuring prominent players like Brat_OK, Lowely, Strelok and LiveZerg. In July 2012, BratOK would depart, his place almost immediately taken by BabyKnight.

It was announced today that five players from that FXOpen roster together with managerial and content staff will transfer to the Ukrainian Na`Vi, one of the most renowned organizations on the Dota and CS scenes. The announcement also mentions that "in the nearest future, there will be a training base at the Natus Vincere's office, organized specifically for the new players."

Team Manager Artem 'Fairon' Bykov Wrote:

I'm really happy to be a part of Natus Vincere along with the players. Both teams are famous for their professionalism and friendly atmosphere. That's why I have no doubt that together we will reach for the stars and great victories. Besides all the big opportunities that we now have, it's worth mentioning that from now on, all of our matches will be broadcasted by one of the best casters in CIS - Na`Vi.Hireling, so that our Russian-speaking fans will always be able to enjoy the streams too. Please, support our team and follow the updates at, as well as on the social networks.

Na`Vi StarCraft 2 division
Ukraine Strelok
Belarus Lowely
Ukraine HappyZerg
Ukraine Minato
Denmark BabyKnight

Russia zOo (Director)
Russia Fairon (Team Manager)
Ukraine Hireling (Caster)

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