Chaox to stay with iG in China for 2 weeks

Posted by Michale "DreXxiN" Lalor at 02 April 2013 16:42
An unexpected twist of events is in order as Chaox will be temporarily moving to Shanghai to experience what he announced in his last vlog.

After Chaox was kicked off of Team Solomid, he has found some international opportunites after a sea of conflict from within. Chaox was the AD Carry of Team Solomid and Invictus Gaming has found a particular interest with him. He'll be leaving in about 2 weeks time to begin his journey.


Translation courtesy of raycao881204

There is some progress made after Chaox left TSM. Having contacted Duowan(A chinese gaming website/club, stuff like those), Chaox would be leaving for China in two weeks to meet with IG for some new experience, and he would be staying with IG for about two weeks.

Chaox told Duowan that he would be coming to China for new experience for about a month. He wants to learn more about E sports and build up connections in China. After he left TSM he said that he would still be active in LOL community, he also said that he might not be returning as a player, but might become a coach or manager. Xpecial, TSM's support player, said that Chaox likes exploring new strategies very much, and he brought many strategies to the team. Thus, it is very likely that Chaox would return to LOL community. About becoming a manager, Chaox once said on his Facebook that he does not know anything about team management. We believe that learning team management would be one of his goals for the trip to China. About where he would be staying, Chaox said, "I may be staying with IG for two weeks." Duowan's LOL manager also contacted the manager of IG, Yifeng. Yifeng said, "Chaox might be coming. Everything is still under discussion, and the final decision has not been made yet." When asked whether IG will recruit Chaox, Yifeng said, "We hope that Chaox would join us. He is a very experienced player and surely he will be a big help to the team. But it is not sure yet. If he would join us, he may not be coming as a player." Rumor says that Chaox may spend his entire month in China in Shanghai. So it is likely that he will be contacting other teams in China too.

Whether Chaox will join as a substitute player, join a B team, or coach the players with his knowledge is still unknown. However, it's highly unlikely he'll be taking Kid's position as iG. Have had marvelous performances as of late, remaining top 10 in our GosuRankings.

Source (Chinese) - Duowan