CoCa and Puzzle return via Dark Horse Project

Posted by Eyal "KOKOStern" Stern at 02 April 2013 09:58

Project Dark Horse helps out Puzzle and CoCa to participate in DreamHack Stockholm. Both ex-SlayerS players retired when the team disbanded, but can now return to compete.

Many players remained team-less when the big SlayerS disbandment hit, and some decided to outright retire from Starcraft professional play. CoCa and Puzzle were such players, deciding it best to move on to play League of Legends professionally and let go of their former career.

Now, with the help of the non-profit organization Dark Horse - which uses old SlayerS funds and items to raise money, these two players can come back to the scene. Fully funded by Dark Horse CoCa and Puzzle will travel to DreamHack Stockholm, taking place 26th to 27th of April, to compete. In hopes of drawing attention and perhaps new sponsorships this is a great opportunity for the players to remake a name for themselves.

Source: Project Dark Horse