StarsWar playoffs begin tomorrow, iG vs NaJin Sword in opening match

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 25 March 2013 12:45

The second season of the StarsWar league enters playoff stage with six teams remaining to fight for the $30,000 prize pool.

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Several of the most renowned teams in Asia are lined-up for the final mile of the StarsWar league. The tournament which started early January 2013 underwent almost two and a half months of group stage play before arriving at the elimination phase.

The group stage itself delivered not one or two upsets. Prominent teams like NaJin Shield, SK Telecom, MVP White and LGD Gaming all faced elimination after failing to make the top three in the groups.

12:00 CET tomorrow (March 26th) is set as the date for the first playoffs matches, with Invictus Gaming meet NaJin Sowrd in the opening game. iG come in as the second best team in China and are packing a lot of momentum, having recently ended World Elite's 6-month win streak at the LPL. NaJin Sword, however, are arriving as the Winter champions of South Korea (and with the impressive 3-0 against CJ Blaze to that) so the face-off promises to be entertaining to say the least.

Whichever teams loses is not out of the tournament, however, as it will go down to play Taipei Snipers the very next day.

March 28th is scheduled as the date for another clash of true champions, as the IPL 5 winners and leaders of the GosuRanking World Elite face the S2WC champions themselves, Taipei Assassins. Until their loss to iG in the LPL, World Elite were on a 41-game loss-free streak but Assassins' record is equally impressive. The Taiwanese team is currently 20-0 in the GPL and are considered by many to be the best team in Asia.

The loser of this match will play Positive Energy on April 3rd. Although the Chinese team has been having relatively lackluster performances, the match cannot be taken lightly as the losing team will see its tournament life ended.