GosuArchives, Jan 27 - Feb 3

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 06 February 2013 10:56

Welcome to another episode of GosuArchives. This week, we have Fnatic building three rapiers, Idra playing Heart of the Swarm and GSG doing Heimerdinger jungle. Screw orthodox, right?


This week's Dota 2 archives go full epic as VP stomp Empire despite giving them their best heroes; Fnatic get triple rapier; and Na'Vi and 3dmax just playing one of the most intense games of the week.

[VOD] VP vs Empire - The Defense 3
[VOD] nth vs Fnatic - Raidcall League 2
[VOD] Na`Vi vs 3dmax - The Defense 3


End of January/early February saw a slowing down in pace for StarCraft 2 in preparation for the explosive finish in a month's time but this didn't stop Effort and Fantasy from orchestrating a concert for the senses on Entombed Valley or Idra and Abver from playing a killer HotS game, definitely the highlight of the replay section for the past week.

[VOD] Effort vs Fantasy - Proleague Round 3
[Replay] Idra vs Abver @ HotS game
[Replay] Snute vs BabyKnight @ Entombed Valley
[Replay] Zotac Cup 141 Finals: Nerchio vs Siw


League of Legends never sleeps, however, and IEM Brazil as well as NLB Winter provided quite a lot of entertainment. Lo and behold, the Heimerdinger jungle of GSG!

[VOD] GSG vs CJ Entus - NLB Winter Grand Finals
[VOD] IEM Brazil full playoffs rebroadcast
[Fluff] Keyd vs IM win reaction