Roster of FeaR gets picked up by Vulcun

Posted by Michale "DreXxiN" Lalor at 05 February 2013 12:19

This is definitely not the first roster changes for this NA line-up but will hopefully be the last.

Having been through several sponsors such as mTw, mMe, FeAR, and now Vulcun, the team settles down after being bought out by the aforementioned. The team will be one of the teams to carry the torch for North Americans in Season 3 and the decision is set in stone, as Riot has already set all of their names to have the brand's respective names.

The roster will be as follows:

United States Benny "Sycho Squid" Hung - Top
United States Jake "Xmithie" Puchero - Jungler
United States Zachary "mandatorycloud" Hoschar - AP Mid
United States Chris "Zuna" Buechter - AD Carry
United States Jacob "Muffinqt" Lowry - Support

Source - Vulcun