Blaze, Frost confirmed to sign with CJ Entus

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 05 February 2013 11:11

What was rumored but three days ago is made official today: the former rosters of Azubu - Blaze and Frost - will officially sign with CJ Entus.

Not one day did Blaze and Frost say without a sponsor with their Azubu contracts coming to an end on February 4th and new ones with CJ Entus signed today. The teams will keep their old names, merely changing Azubu with CJ Entus, but see their logos revamped.

As for the current CJ team, which cannot be kept by the organization due to Season 3 restrictions by Riot, its members will have an internal discussion as to what their next step will be. It is rumored that some of the players will sub for the new CJ teams but nothing has been made official yet.

CJ Entus Frost roster
Korea Shy (Top)
Korea CloudTemplar (Jungle)
Korea RapidStar (AP)
Korea Woong (AD)
Korea Madlife (Support)

CJ Entus Blaze roster
Korea Flame (Top)
Korea Helios (Jungle)
Korea Ambition (AP)
Korea Cpt Jack (AD)
Korea Lustboy (Support)