Pulse Esports roster acquired by Dignitas

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 03 February 2013 22:05
The entire roster of Team Pulse will compete under the black and yellow of Dignitas from now on, serving both a substitute function as well a representative one outside LCS.

The LoL team of Pulse Esports was picked on September 28th 2012 as the organization signed Kevin, SupportDaddy, SneakyCastro, Kenikth and OnionBagle. A few roster swaps later would see Zig taking the role of the top laner and it is in this form (though with several ID changes) that the roster is acquired by Dignitas.

"This is a mutually beneficial agreement and should help both teams become stronger," said Dignitas captain Scarra. "While the new players may not be at the level of current LCS teams right now, we already have plans to have a regimented consistent practice schedule to attempt to propel this team into the top tier of NA teams. We expect that along the way to that goal, our team will improve by a significant factor as well. "

As for Pulse as organization, they will not continue without a LoL division as they sign the five from Severity Gaming.

Team Dignitas second LoL roster
Canada Zig (Top)
Canada OnionBagle (Jungle)
United States Kenace (AP)
United States Castro (AD)
United States Evaniskus (Support)

Pulse Esports new LoL roster
United States RF Legendary (Top)
United States IAmKwr (Jungle)
United States PheerMe (AP)
United States Nerf Hunter (AD)
United States BabyEator (Support)