compLexity signs League of Legends roster

Posted by Michale "DreXxiN" Lalor at 03 February 2013 07:20

After being out of the scene for awhile, coL decides to sign the former roster of The Brunch Club.

The roster that was signed yielded great results from the North American Qualifier, earning 3rd place after taking out Team MRN. The team is already in a training camp preparing immediately for Season 3.

United States Nick "Nickwu" Smith -Top
United States Tyler "Lautemortis" Nicholls - Jungler
United States Samuel "Chuuper" Chu - AP Mid
United States Josh "Brunch Ü" Abrantes - AD Carry
United States Abe "MeyeA" Nguyen - Support

Source - compLexity