Incredible Miracle takes the gold at Sao Paulo

Posted by Michale "DreXxiN" Lalor at 03 February 2013 06:53

All the action over the weekend subsides with Incredible Miracle taking the victory.

In the hot weather of Sao Paulo, it can be hard to concentrate and something that was definitely apparent was the performance switching vastly between the teams from game to game. Millenium kicked off Day 2 excellently but fell short today in their game against Anexis. Though this was the only set to make it to a best of 3, Anexis slowly began building up momentum and, ultimately, crushed Millenium, going to meet the victor of the second set of semi-finals in the grand finals.

MeetYourMakers has proven themselves a worthy adversary all tourney long, but did not manage to take a game off Incredible Miracle. Incredible Miracle came to day 3 strong as ever and had the plan on not losing any more games since the group stage and they fulfilled just that. With an iron fist, Incredible Miracle takes out MeetYourMakers in a convincing 2-0.

The grand finals began with Incredible Miracle vs. the unsuspected Anexis. Though not a team from home turf, many would have expected Millenium or MeetYourMakers to meet the Korean team in the grand finals, but Anexis definitely proved they were worthy to get this far. Unfortunately, all of their efforts would hopelessly crumble after two hard fought games against Incredible Miracle, where the Koreans would once again prevail triumphantly and take home the gold.