syndereN: 'A little respect and positivity goes a long way.'

Posted by Susi "meruna" B at 01 February 2013 16:51
In a recently conducted interview with Western Wolves, Re-Defining Madness' captain syndereN talks about their old sponsor mTw. The interview also touches mTw's performance at TI2 and syndereN's plans for the future.

Photo source: joinDOTA

As previously reported, German organisation mTw shut down, leaving Troels 'syndereN' Nielsen's team without a sponsor. The Danish captain sat down with Western Wolves and gave them an extensive interview.

When did the financial turmoil become evident within the organisation?

The first time we were introduced to the trouble was when the organisation couldn't send us to DreamHack Winter 2012.


Any other difficulties you've encountered from thereupon?

mTw still owes me quite a bit of money... But technically, that's from before DreamHack Winter 2012.


Realistically speaking, do you expect to see the money back one day?

I don't know what I expect, really, but I think it's disrespectful after I've been playing faithfully for such a fairly long time that they don't at the very least respond to my messages.


How comfortable are you feeling with your resident line-up?

The most important thing when I built the team was knowing the people behind it, so that I could have faith in being able to sustain it without drama, internal issues, etc. I knew that this wouldn't be a dream-team within a few weeks, but was rather focusing on putting together a team that could last in the long term. With practice and dedication from everyone, I think we can get there.


One last question to end us off. You've build the image of a very polite and mannered gentlemen in the scene. Are you sometimes tempted to break from the shackles of your personality and release some of your devilish compulsions?

Everyone can get frustrated, and it does happen to myself as well--especially if I either put up a poor performance and feel like I've let my team down, or if I feel embarassed with our team's performance because we're playing way under our level. I generally keep a positive and respectful attitude, though--both in and out of game. A little respect and positivity goes a long way.

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