Frost, Blaze to not re-sign with Azubu

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 01 February 2013 10:52

Two of the strongest rosters in South Korea see their sponsorship expire on February 4th and it is said that the contracts will not be renewed. Speculations point towards CJ Entus as the new home for the former-to-be Azubus.

Formerly known as MiG Blaze and MiG Frost, the two teams secured the Azubu sponsorship during The Champions Summer and since then rose to the highest tier of performance both in Korean and worldwide.

To this day, Frost hold the gold of The Champions Summer, the second places at The Champions Spring and S2WC and are about to play their third The Champions grand final in a row tomorrow. Their sister team is not behind in achievements and boast first places at MLG Summer Arena, MLG Fall Championship and The Champions Spring as well as silver from the recent IEM Katowice.

According to, CJ Entus might be the organization to pick the two rosters, though nothing is official as of yet. This, however, will bring the total count of CJ rosters to three which is prohibited by Riot for Season 3 and changes to how the LoL division of CJ is structured will surely be made.

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