Code S Grp G: The legend defeated

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 31 January 2013 16:38
Photo by: Dennis Breer

In the colorful mix of fan favorites, legends and up-and-comers, Soulkey and Taeja stood above all else, securing spots in the Ro16 and bashing NesTea and Noblesse into the dirt.

Soulkey has long been pointed at as the best KeSPA zerg (even the best KeSPA player at one time) so seeing the Woongjin player do well today did not come out of nothing. Similarly to RorO and his playstyle from yesterday, Soulkey flavored his playstyle with aggressivenes and a distinct swarming feeling, constantly on the move with the mobile ling/bling/mutalisk composition, sniping terran forces whenever a gap presented itself.

His ZvT class put Soulkey on 4-0 and on a level of performance clearly higher that this of the last season. Consequently, if past results are any indication and if Soulkey does not trip into a bad playday, he's likely to pin another deep Code S run.

Soulkey's annihilating spree meant that another powerhouse had to fight for survival in the final match of the group. Liquid`Taeja started strong against NesTea, quickly banking a 2-0 start, but once Soulkey halted his advance, he was sent down to playing MVPNoblesse, another terran who just made it back to Code S after a long period of being away from the high podium.

It took Taeja three games to come out ahead as Noblesse played nothing than exemplary. A beastly performance on Vestige combined with astonishing bio/tank positioning against Noblesse's mech gave Taeja the 2-1 victory but the MVP terran surely did impress the crowd, finishing third in a group abundantly rich on StarCraft veterans.

Where one zerg triumphed overall, another fell to the very bottom and NesTea steps down to Code A for second time in a row. The zerg scholar was not having his best day and a series of misplays and flatout throws placed him last with 1-4, a score which could have been much different had NesTea adequately followed up on his strong openings.

This brings Code S just one playday away from Ro32 completion. Tomorrow, the second foreigner in the tournament Stephano steps in the booth, joined by DongRaeGu, Bogus and Hack. As neither of the terrans are particularly known for their ZvT (which is exactly the opposite for the Frenchman) and with DRG standing out as the sole legitimate threat, Stephano might be looking at an easy trip to Ro16.

Code S Ro32 Group G
Korea Soulkey4-0To Code S Ro16
Korea Taeja4-3To Code S Ro16
Korea Noblesse3-5To Code A Ro32
Korea NesTea1-4To Code A Ro48
Soulkey 2-0 Nobless
Taeja 2-0 NesTea
Soulkey 2-0 Taeja
Noblesse 2-1 NesTea
Taeja 2-1 Noblesse

Code S Ro16 (14/16)

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