GosuArchives, Jan 21-27

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 28 January 2013 23:45

We present you GosuGamers' new weekly feature, GosuArchives. Its sole purpose: to summarize, organize and present to you the best that our VOD and replay sections have to offer for all of our three leading titles: Dota 2, StarCraft 2 and League of Legends.


This week's injection of Dota 2 content features two "The Defense 3" matches, delivering a breathtaking comeback you'll much appreciate (game #1) and overall very solid play by the winners (game #2).

[VOD] DD vs GU - The Defense 3
[VOD] Team Liquid vs Virtus Pro - The Defense 3


Naturally, IEM Katowice is the main SC2 topic for the past week and as such, we deliver fresh, raw content from Poland. Our recommendations: the interviews with Kaelaris and Mana!

[Interview] Lucifron @ IEM Katowice
[Interview] Moonglade @ IEM Katowice
[Interview] Mana @ IEM Katowice
[Interview] Bly @ IEM Katowice
[Interview] TLO @ IEM Katowice
[Interview] Kaelaris @ IEM Katowice

[VOD] KT Rolster vs SK Telecom T1 - Proleague Round 3
[VOD]STX Soul vs EG-TL - Proleague Round 3

[Replay] IEM Katowice
[Replay] Go4SC2 #261


While IEM Katowice was also an event that will be long remembered in professional League, it wasn't the only event that happened recently. Just one week later, Poland opened doors to eSports once again as Warsaw welcomed the LCS Europe qualifiers.

And Europeans do know how to make a show!

[Interview] SK.Ocelote @ IEM Katowice
[Interview] Team Millenium @ IEM Katowice
[Interview] Fnatic.Cyanide @ IEM Katowice
[Interview] Crs.SaintVicious @ IEM Katowice
[Interview] DB.Shushei @ LCS Europe

[VOD] Gambit Gaming vs Azubu Blaze - IEM Katowice - Game 1
[VOD] Gambit Gaming vs Azubu Blaze - IEM Katowice - Game 2
[VOD] LCS Europe Day 1
[VOD] LCS Europe Day 2
[VOD] LCS Europe Day 3