In-Depth interview with Elementz

Posted by Michale "DreXxiN" Lalor at 19 January 2013 23:31

We sat down with Elementz and had the pleasure of having some in-depth discussion regarding him, his team, and the support role.

00:25 - Discussion about Group A results and LCS

03:50 - Rhux's peformance & the Gambit Gaming situation

04:50 - Opinions on Group B

05:50 - Delving into the Journalistic side of Elementz

08:00 - Elementz job line up with his dad and pursuing pro gaming instead

09:30 - The comradeship of Curse and their gaming house

10:55 - "Benchmaster Elementz" ; the affect on mentality, the truth about the "Rhux" situation

14:00 - Curse best bot lane, Doublelift getting lazy?

15:50 - Do you really enjoy support or forced into it?

20:00 - Are support builds going to devolve into monotony or will it stay fresh?

23:00 - Meta swap, support as AP with full AD team potential

25:00 - ggChronicle debacle, feeling about "NA Laziness" vs KR dedication

30:30 the 'toxicity' of the community, discussion of viable fixes