Dustin Browder on League of Legends vs Starcraft 2

Posted by Michale "DreXxiN" Lalor at 11 January 2013 17:50
Dustin Browder speaks his words about League of Legends and Starcraft 2, oddly enough, not seeing a rivalry between the two.

dustinbrowder%20240.jpg Dustin Browder is the lead developer for Starcraft 2 and is more than happy with what the E-Sport is bringing to the table. He feels that both games have helped propel E-Sports to the near-mainstream phase as it exists today and that they compliment one another rather than threatening one another.

In the interview, Browder was asked what he feels about the rivalry between the two games, to which he responded:

I think both games are great games. I don’t think there’s much of a rivalry. They’re very different games at the end of the day. I know our fans in some cases will make a rivalry out of it, but we don’t really see it that way. They have a very different game. They’re doing good work with it. We have a very different game. We think we’re doing really good work with our game and there’s plenty of room for everybody here to make some really great products and help grow eSports."

He also goes on to talk about Heart of the Swarm and what innovative and ambitious things he feels will help it in the upcoming years.

Full interview - Forbes