GosuCup #1 for League of Legends announced

Posted by Michale "DreXxiN" Lalor at 08 January 2013 15:34

We are proud to announce the very first GosuCups for League of Legends coming this Saturday. The prize pool consists of $250 worth of RP and the tourney will commence this Saturday at 20:00 CET.

Our mission with this cup is to provide the same level of success we've had with the Dota2 GosuCups in the past, allowing amateurs and pros alike to compete as it grows. Anyone can enter and our goal is to provide the same coverage and treatment as pros would get from a Tier 1 tournament, including GosuBets, Rankings, Player profiles, Recorded champion and W/L statistics VODs, and more! Your can track your team's progress in the same way you would track a professionals.
Ex. Team / Player

GosuCup Dota example

The tournament begins Saturday and (hopefully) ends the same day depending on how many people register. Seeding is currently random as it is the first tournament and all matches will be a Bo1 with the semi-finals onward being a Bo3. Also, some of the quarter-final matches along with all of the semi-final and onward matches will be casted and streamed (granted the poor fellow from Germany can stay up!) and the VODs should be up on our coverage hub and on Twitch.

There will be no explicit country restriction, but all matches have to be played on the North American server. To sign in and compete in GosuCup LoL events everyone needs to register their team on You may do so right away, as registrations already are open. It is required when you register your team for the tournament to also provide the correct Summoner Name.

Factsheet Gosugamers QuickCup #1:
Daily schedule (rounds)
All times are an approximate and may vary depending on set/game length.
Check-in - Starts Saturday 12pm EST. Check-in ends Saturday 2pm EST.
Round 1 - Starts Saturday 2pm EST. Games of round 1 must be started before 4.00pm EST.
Round 2 - Starts Saturday 3pm EST. Games of round 2 must be started before 5.30pm EST.
Round 3 - Starts Saturday 5pm EST. Games of round 3 must be started before 6.30pm EST.
Round 4 - Starts Saturday 6pm EST. Games of round 4 must be started before 7.30pm EST.
Server: North America

Prize Pot = $250 RP
1st place - $20RP + Triumphant Ryze per player
2nd place - $15RP per player
3rd place - $10R per player
4th place - $5RP per player

Max. slots: 128 teams

Communication: The match page comments will be the primary way of communicating with the other teams. You can contact admins on IRC, teams are free to idle there as well. There will also be a 'GosuCup LoL' chat channel on the LoL client.

If there are any problems, message tournament admin DreXxiN, Turik, or Angel

More Information: Friday Fragfest GosuCup