Updates on CLG, Dignitas, and a gaming house

Posted by Michale "DreXxiN" Lalor at 06 January 2013 11:48
After a season full of roster swaps and unprofessional drama, things at least seem to be slightly settling down in the scene.

In this particular case, two noteworthy NA teams do seem to be "settling down" in the figurative sense. First off, we have Scarra confirming that they are moving into the CLG gaming house, a necessary move similar to the practice of competitive Asian teams. The two North American squads can abuse this to gain an advantage over the rest of the North American scene by having reliable practice and study partners.

Pretty much confirmation of Dignitas's choice to move in with CLG.

Counter Logic Gaming is also settling down with their final roster, putting full faith into their newest support Aphromoo. He along with Link115 will be staying at the CLG house to train full time and devlop synergy with one another, preparing for a stronger presence for the up and coming tournaments.

Kelby, CLG's PR/Manager, revealing Aphromoo coming @5:29.