FnaticRC.NA at the top of the first GosuCup Americas

Posted by Vladimir "Angel" Kojadinovic at 19 November 2012 08:38

FnaticRC.NA and ROOT met in the finals of the first ever GosuCup Americas and put up quite a show. FnaticRC.NA managed to pull up a win against ROOT to grab the crown.

Out of the 187 participating teams of the first ever Dota 2 GosuCup Americas, Fnatic.NA proved that they are indeed a force to be reckoned with, defeating every team that came their way.

Fnatic.NA is playing under the new well known tag for just a quarter of a year. In the finals of this tournament, the team used fluffnstuff as a standin. Fnatic.NA was also trying to qualify for the DreamHack tournament, which starts on Thursday, but failed to make it through the online tournaments.

The GosuCup series is a series of tournaments, with GosuCup Asia being hosted on Singapore servers and GosuCup Americas hosted on US East servers.

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Fnatic.NA's run in the GosuCup Americas I
United States Fnatic.NA > Other (bye) - (Round 1)
United States Fnatic.NA > Venezuela MiMo - (Round 2)
United States Fnatic.NA > Peruj NovA - (Round 3)
United States Fnatic.NA > Brazil T5 - (Round 4)
United States Fnatic.NA > United States mix - (Round 5)
United States Fnatic.NA > Peru A51. - (Round 6)
United States Fnatic.NA > Argentina HTID - (Semi Finals)
United States Fnatic.NA > United States ROOT - (Finals)

Final tournament standings:
1st - United States Fnatic.NA ($500)
2nd - United States ROOT ($300)
3rd - United States Eosin+4 ($200)

Brackets and other information: GosuCup Americas coverage page