Slow start for Blaze and the NaJins at The Champions

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 18 November 2012 15:20

Two weeks into Korea's most prestigious tournament, things are not looking splendid for who are considered to be the best in the country.

Headlined by S2WC runner-ups Azubu Frost, Group A would see a very sluggish beginning as until Frost's victory over MVP white there were draws and draws only. Thus, halfway through the group stage, the gaps in points are incredibly low to nonexistent and this is still anybody's group.

Not the case in Group B, however, which already has its clear leaders, losers and mid-tiers. Somewhat surprising is seeing CJ Entus and KT Rolster B on top of it all, leaving powerhouses like Azubu Blaze and NaJin Sword (both recent MLG finalists) stuck in the middle of the standings. While KT Rolster already has pocketed a win against one of the aforementioned team thus having all the reasons to feel comfortable about keeping their position in the future, such is not the case with CJ Entus. CJ's points stem from victories over the "smaller" teams in the pool, namely GSG and MVP Blue, so their biggest tests are still inbound.

The Champions standings after week 2
Group A (Team/Record/Points)Group B (Team/Record/Points)
Azubu Frost1-1-04CJ Entus2-0-06
Team OP0-2-02KT Rolster B2-0-06
KT Rolster A0-2-02Azubu Blaze1-0-13
NaJin Shield0-2-02NaJin Sword1-0-13
Incredible Miracle0-2-02MVP Blue0-0-20
MVP White0-1-11GSG0-0-20

Week 3 matches:

Group A
OPlogo_std.png Team OP21 NovNjshlogo_std.pngNaJin ShieldGosuBet
Azflogo_std.png Azubu Frost23 NovKTRolsterLogo_std.png KT Rolster AGosuBet
IMlogo_std.png Incredible Miracle24 NovMVPlogo_std.png MVP WhiteGosuBet
Group B
Njswlogo_std.png NaJin Sword21 NovKTRolsterLogo_std.png KT Rolster BGosuBet
Azblogo_std.png Azubu Blaze23 NovCJElogo_std.png CJ EntusGosuBet
GSG24 NovMVPlogo_std.png MVP BlueGosuBet