PartinG takes the $100,000 of the World Championship

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 18 November 2012 13:38
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StarTale's Lee Sak "Parting" Won is crowned champion of the world after beating Hyun Woo "Creator" Jang at the BWC grand final.

Ever since he entered the WCS circuit, Parting has been having increasingly higher placements, starting with third at WCS Korea (where he lost 1-2 to Creator in the losers final) and following it up with a silver at WCS Asia.

Today, the StarTale protoss finally coated his WCS crusade with gold as he grabbed the largest first place prize in StarCraft 2 history to date.

The protoss mirror between him and Creator went up to six sets, the final map being the old-timer Tal'Darim Altar. A stalker soft-contain by Parting kept Creator in his base long enough for the StarTaler to get an expo of his own, while teching to charge, blink and archons in preparation for a potential all-in.

And all-in there came as Creator mustered whatever stalkers (now with blink of their own) and immortals he had and launched an attack at Parting's natural. Blink on blink action commenced and despite the initial stalker deficit, Parting made excellent use of the upgrade advantage he had. Archon and chargelots softened up Creator's stalkers just enough for Parting to win the closing blink battle and with it - the series.

BWC Standings
1. Korea Parting $100,000
2. Korea Creator $40,000
3. Korea Rain $16,000
4. Taiwan SEn $8,000
5-8. United States Suppy $5,500
5-8. Korea HerO $5,500
5-8. Spain Vortix $5,500
5-8. Chile KiLLeR $5,500