GOMTV Takes Leadership of ESF

Posted by Andrei "procyonlotor" Filote at 16 November 2012 17:05
With parent company Gretech having accepted presidency of the eSports Federation, GOMTV will now be heading operations for the organization.


eSF has always been a somewhat loose, even unofficial, organization, with teams and managers (read: SlayerS) free to refuse participation. Handing the reins over to GOM is likely to centralize power in a way past management was unable to achieve.

GOMTV has released a ten point mission statement:

1. Structured operations of ESF
2. Incorporation of ESF
3. Registering and managing database for teams and players
4. Providing stable environment for team management
5. Expanding social opportunities for fans
6. Improving matches and spectator environments
7. Developing and supporting various games
8. Initiating cooperation with KeSPA
9. Be open to foreign teams and players
10. Cooperation with foreign tournament organizers

The new president is scheduled to be inaugurated after the GSL Season 5 finals.

Original article by ThisIsGame.
Translation by ESFIWorld.