Kenshin overcomes Hawk in ZOTAC #262

Posted by Michael "Zechs_" Radford at 05 November 2012 14:49
With no big name figures in this week’s ZOTAC Cup, it came down to a nail-biting human mirror between Kenshin and Hawk.
Kenshin started strongly on Twisted Meadows, with some punishing harassment of his opponent’s base. The power of that aggression was easily noticeable when he went into the final battle with a 10 supply lead. Despite Hawk turning it into a long micro battle, Kenshin maintained his advantage and took the first map.

Echo Isles started similarly, but this time both players were harassing one another’s bases and it was Hawk who put out more damage. The armies never met head-on until right at the end, when Kenshin was forced to go all-in due to his inferior army and heroes. The Russian player rushed back to his base and was able to keep it alive, killing off most of Kenshin’s army and forcing the “gg.”

Turtle Rock was up next, and after a relatively passive early game, Kenshin took an expansion in the middle of the map with no problem. Both players started to make spell breakers but Hawk’s expansion was just beginning to kick in when the armies finally clashed. A close fight was ended by the death of Hawk’s Mountain King and Kenshin was at match point.

Hawk wasn’t ready to give up yet, however. Both players poked at their opponent’s base again on Amazonia but Hawk was able to rush a quick tier three. Once again, the game revolved around a single battle, and it was Hawk’s extra hero and better tech that won out, forcing a deciding 5th game.

The all-important final map was Ancient Isle and both players began by hammering on the other player’s base again. Hawk got the better of the early exchanges, taking down Kenshin’s altar and massively delaying his tier two. However, he let go of that lead by losing his Panda, despite passing a town portal in plenty of time. Now Kenshin had the advantage and his AM/Naga/Breakers army took full advantage of the trueshot aura he picked up while creeping. That aura seemed to make a huge difference, as Kenshin seemed to win every trade despite having even army size. He managed to snowball that small edge, killing his opponent’s Archmage and ending the game soon after.

Replays: Game one, Game two, Game three, Game four, Game five.