Replays of the Week: Sep 30 - Oct 7

Posted by Julian "hattfatt" Koch at 07 October 2012 18:57

This week would have been pretty indie with all these lesser known players, if it wasn't for a special guest. He owns roughly 500 accounts on the Korean server, but has never been at an offline tournament: the mysterious barcode.

1. ToXiC vs Satiini

Getting fast Blink Stalkers can either gain you a quick victory or make you look like a downright fool. When ToXiC lost all of his army during a blink-in, it sure seemed like the latter. There are two options from here on out: "When behind, Dark Shrine" or, as ToXiC chose: "Marines en masse? Fry his ass." Satiini was not shy to point out the perceived imbalance of Storms either.

ToXiC vs Satiini: Replay


Probably the most prominent player, infamous IIIIIIIIIIII, who has dominated all the Korean ladders forever, proves that SCV's are totally expendable by losing a majority of them and being one base behind at all times. Even ion's proxy Nexus wouldn't have helped.

IIIIIIIIIIII vs ion: Replay

3. aLive vs fraer

There's just something special about fending off a 2 Barracks cheese by a player of aLive's caliber. Even more impressive does it get when fraer turns it around and picks apart his opponent's base while picking up enemy units all over the map at every stage of the game. With that map awareness fraer surely does well in Minesweeper.

aLive vs fraer: Replay


Mr. Barcodes puts on the pressure with the help of offensive Bunkers and shows that in some situations, Siege Tanks are aptly named. ToXiC is not impressed and pushes him off enough to circumvent the army to initiate a base trade. Barcode guy leaves, however, when the few remaining defensive High Templars roast his army.


5. Pasildan vs Radok

As much as I enjoy having lesser known players such as these two in our RotW's, especially if they're from distant lands like South America, I can't help but begrudgingly notice the severe lack of Seeker Missiles in this game. I mean, the drops are amazing and the constant battles are enticing, but it's just not the same.

Pasildan vs Radok: Replay

BONUS: frostSwarm vs TimeToLove

Get your best wine for we have some nice cheese for you. frostSwarm interprets the metagame quite differently when he notices his window of opportunity to work his opponent like a puppet with some improvisational talent. TimeToLove? More like TimeToLeave, am I right?

frostSwarm vs TimeToLove: Replay

We have hidden naked pictures of ourselves all over this website, except for the Replay Section. So technically it's the safest place to be at right now.

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