Replays of the Week: September 23-30

Posted by Julian "hattfatt" Koch at 01 October 2012 02:26

This week we tackle the elephant in the room that is Stephano's exposure to the EG curse. We dissect his play to find out why he fell short of beating the Terrans that ultimately dominated.

1. Stephano vs TaeJa

Let's have a moment of silence for it has already happened. The EG curse has gotten the better of Stephano. Not only did he fail to fully come back despite his best attempts, he also eventually loses the map to what many consider "just another Terran". Barely a shadow of his former self, Stephano makes you wonder if amazing micro and macro is really enough to be put on such a pedestal.

Stephano vs TaeJa: Replay

2. Stephano vs ForGG

One does not simply hold a Stephano two base Roach push with basic Hellions. Unless you are ForGG of course. The good thing is that he then had the opportunity to roast Drones. All of them. If someone could please tell me how he held that, I'd be very happy. Seriously, I have no idea.

Stephano vs ForGG: Replay

3. Stephano vs TaeJa

We close our "Stephano is so so cursed" trilogy by pitting him against TaeJa once again. It's like Kasparov versus Carlsen, Borg against Becker or any other third, irrelevant analogy. Except that this has Seeker Missiles. And before you wonder, I'm not getting tired of pointing them out. Never.

Stephano vs TaeJa: Replay

4. Snute vs NosBingo

There are days a man wishes he hadn't gotten out of bed in the first place. Like the day his girlfriend breaks up with him, he gets fired from his job or, you know, Mondays. For NosBingo it's one of these days. First he holds Snute's Roach push, then his counter attack is on the edge of winning him the game and then a handful of Banelings roll in and all his dreams go up in smoke. Like his SCV's do in the end.

Snute vs NosBingo: Replay

5. TaeJa vs ForGG

How can our final replay not be the highlight match from the finals? This amazing Bio vs Mech soon dissolves into bloodshed and shredded metals. Bloodshred, you might say. Now that the horrible pun for this RotW is crossed off the list, let me point out good this game is: very.

TaeJa vs ForGG: Replay

Let me take you a mysterious land I like to call the Replay Section! It is full of joy and happiness and, well, replays.

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