Taeja scores another championship at DH Valencia

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 24 September 2012 00:22

Yesterday might not have been the most flawless of group stages for Taeja but championship Sunday was a whole other matter for the Liquid terran, going 9-2 to bank the $10,400 of DreamHack Valencia.

After Assembly Summer and MLG Summer Arena, Young Suh "Taeja" Yoon scored his premier hat-trick with a 3-2 grand final victory against ForGG at DreamHack Valencia. Finishing second to NightEnd in group stage one and topping a pool that had Stephano and Grubby in the Ro32, Taeja entered a playoffs phase that would throw the Europe elite at him.

Nevertheless, Taeja was as solid as can be, scoring 2-0's against Bly, Sase and Targa to advance to the grand finals and face ForGG - the compatriot of his that had the no easier task of eliminating Stephano and TheSTC from the tournament.

Cloud Kingdom and Ohana went into ForGG's favor and the Millenium recruit was just one set away from winning his first ever premier gold, something that eluded him at both Assembly Summer and Campus Party Europe.

Come Daybreak, however, Taeja switched on the comeback button and obliterated his opponents in three consecutive sets, using Daybreak, Antiga and Metropolis as his comeback ingredients to come back from the near-death experience and win the 70,000 SEK first place prize of DreamHack Valencia, becoming the first Korean DH champion for this year.

DreamHack Valencia standings

1. Korea Taeja, $10,400
2. Korea ForGG, $6,000
3-4. Norway TargA, $3,000
3-4. Korea TheSTC, $3,000
5-8. Korea HerO
5-8. Sweden Sase
5-8. France Stephano
5-8. Spain Vortix