Genja has to reapply for Visa to Los Angeles

Posted by Christoph "malnor" Helbig at 21 September 2012 11:02
Moscow 5 has visa problems once again. After Inmate had to go an extra-round when applying for The International in Dota 2, now Eugene 'Genja' Andryushin got rejected on his first attempt of getting a US visa.

The final preparations for the Season 2 World Championship finals in Los Angeles are running, even for Moscow 5. The team which qualified at gamescom, Cologne, for the world championship in Los Angeles, is approaching some difficulties.

Moscow 5's Alex already has a valid visa for the United States. Today, three more players got their visa applications accepted. Eugene 'Genja' Andryushin, however, did not recieve a visa for now. The team gathered in Moscow to get everything ready, but Genja's troubles now give them a slight push back.

Back in August, the problems with Silent's visa application were solved in the end, his second interview at the embassy was successful and he joined his teammates on the trip to Seattle. Moscow 5 and all of his colleagues hope this will happen with Genja's application as well. The team is set to depart to the United States on 1 October, so they still got the whole next week to solve the visa problems.

Moscow 5's short statement on facebook:

Embassy doesn't care whether you are one of the best AD carries in the World or not.

Source: Moscow 5