Pacific.Emaxx back in winning form, regains GEST crown

Posted by Linus "Tjernobylbarnet" Staaf at 16 September 2012 19:59

Pacific.Emaxx is back in control at GEST, winning the entire tournament without dropping a single game. They defeated their fellow clubcombrades Pacific.Palit in the final.

GEST September
Pacific.Palit Pacific.Emaxx
Grand Magus Earthshaker Windrunner Slithereen Guard Broodmother Chaos Knight Queen of Pain Ancient Apparition Guardian Wisp Stealth Assassin

The first game saw the trending Riki and Wisp combo being employed by eMaxx, whereas Palit adjusted by picking Broodmother to counter-push and SG for the Vision thru Amplify Damage.

The general strategy for eMaxx is to survive the early laning phase and get their necessary levels, and then employ their aggressive hero line-up of Riki, Wisp, Qop, CK and AA. Of course, Palit's plan is to dominate earl, and push whenever possible. After all, no hero on the Sentinel side has the early-game capability to sweep Brood's Spiderlings.

eMaxx had the ideal start, getting the first two kills of the game. Santino, with his usual stellar self, made big plays at mid. He was somehow winning the lane against the dual lane of CK and Appa, including a wonderful Double-kill on Windrun and a DD rune. The early Sentry Wards up top is proving to be difficult for Broodmother, dying several times to Rikimaru early on.

The moment Io got his level 6 though, it became a downward Spiral for Palit. The Sentinel just managed to get kills after kills, being aggressive but never really on a point that they cannot manage. Controlled aggression saw them tower diving, getting kills, and getting out safely.

The fans were reminded of how good the CK + AA combo was. Not only was the pair potent on the laning phase, they also synergized well with the global gank and positional play of Riki-Wisp (with Ice Blast helping the Global attack, and Reality Rift aiding the positional play).

Palit adjusting over their opponent's line-up than making the opponent adjust to theirs probably cost them the game. The laning and the line-up just didn't work out, and they never really had anything much going on that game.

GEST September
Pacific.Emaxx Pacific.Palit
Chaos Knight Morphling Faerie Dragon Crystal Maiden Shadow Shaman Grand Magus Queen of Pain Ancient Apparition Windrunner Centaur Warchief

The second game is do-or-die for Palit, and they opted to go for a rather uncommon Centaur pick to try counter CK and its illusions. The early game isn't as they would have expected though, as eMaxx picked off right where they left off - getting on a commanding 5-0 kill lead in just less than 4 minutes of game time.

Pacific.eMaxx showed no sign of letting go, taking hold of the lead that they have worked diligently for. They meticulously ganked; getting kills while switching to and from the middle and bottom lane. If the 16-4 and all T2 towers down for Palit isn't enough to tell the story of the game, eMaxx's support Shadow Shaman with a 15-minute blink dagger should.

It may have been fatigue and frustration setting on Palit, or eMaxx could have just been playing too good. In this case, it may most likely be both. Pacific.Palit succumbed and called GG just 28 minutes into the game, effectively crowning Pacific.eMaxx the Champion of September's GEST.

Though the Finals was a bit anti-climactic, this month's GEST is still one hell of an event. Pacific.eMaxx completed a clean tournament sweep on a nothing-less-than dominating performance. They have taken their well-deserved 3rd GEST Championship in the process.

1st - Philippines Pacific.Emaxx - $1,500 USD
2nd - Philippines Pacific.Palit - $700 USD
3rd - Philippines Dreamz.Steelseries - $300 USD

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