GEST: Pacific.eMaxx off to a great start after two rounds

Posted by Linus "Tjernobylbarnet" Staaf at 15 September 2012 10:52

Two rounds in and Pacific.Emaxx taking control of their group, while PokerStars unfortunately forfeited their games. Neolution and SVR_ES are looking good with results 2-0, placing them in the lead of their groups.

There is this great time every month where the coolest teams of Thailand, Philippines and nearby countries gather up to just go mental against one another. And that time is now and it's blowing by in an amazing manner. Just now Emaxx took out Dreamz in what a lot would predict as a "group favourite game". Dreamz tried an all-out farming build with Morphling, grabbing Midas and then Boots of Travel but it put off his impact for too long. Emaxx actually drafted a Shadow Fiend which HugE did wonders with, proving it is still a carry hero to fear. PokerStars unfortunately forfeited, giving Emaxx a third win. Only one game remains for Emaxx and it is versus Orange's replacement

Neolution are off to a good start aswell in group A, taking out Mineski in a convincing manner and then proceeding to beat Alive.Alacrity. In group B, the runner-ups of last GEST, iDeal, lost the first game to GEST newcomers BBdota and are off to a shaky start. Reigning champions IZONE only played one game in the first two rounds and can be seen in a good position of 1-0 so far.

Cambodian team SVR_ES are currently in top of group D with wins over Deperruku and Pacific.Palit, a very solid start for them. Invasion Red has lost both their encounters and are currently struggling, they need to win their remaining two games to have a shot at making it to the playoffs. The team is currently focusing on Dota 2, hence their rusty shape in this tournament.

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