Contract conflicts end Fuzer/Ministry of Win cooperation

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 13 September 2012 17:32
"Drama in MoW house" was the title of a post made on forums by Finnish terran Samuli "Fuzer" Romppanen. In said post, Fuzer talks about his leaving, being denied a refund on his monthly fee, criticizes the living conditions in the house and discloses contract details.

A month ago, Fuzer joined the Polish pro-house Ministry of Win under the agreement that he would stay there for three months with a monthly fee of approximately 600 Euros. On September 12th, however, the Finnish player got kicked out of the house for not signing the contract, hence the reason for his thread.


I wanted to get my lawyer to check the contract before signing it, because in my opinion it was full of shit:

Basically the contract said that a player who comes to the house needs to stream for MoW 150hours a month (5hours a day) and MoW house takes a cut from your streaming revenues: So basically you come to the house, you pay 600euros so you could have best conditions to practice but still you have to work for the house?

I mean if you have this kind of "surprises" in the contract, why don't you tell them before player actually comes to the house? When we talked about my coming I was only interested about my practicing over there and that's what we agreed.

According to Fuzer, he expressed his desire for his own lawyer to go through the contract as he felt that some clauses, like not being allowed to coach, own or join another pro-house needed to be examined by an attorney. Following that, Ministry of Win had requested that they be sent some sort of verification of the attorney's qualifications before this can happen. Since these has not been received, the contract never made it to Fuzer's lawyer.

- "It felt to me that they didn't want anyone who actually knew more about the law stuff to see contracts like this," wrote Fuzer.

The conflicts do not end there but continue as Fuzer posts two chat logs regarding his request that payments for the months he's not staying be refunded.

11.9.2012 12:41:24] Samuli "Fuzer" Romppanen: so you have to pay me back from th emoney
[11.9.2012 12:41:33] Boss: nope, I don't have
[11.9.2012 12:41:40] Samuli "Fuzer" Romppanen: ok
[11.9.2012 12:41:50] Samuli "Fuzer" Romppanen: so i paid you from this month
[11.9.2012 12:41:53] Samuli "Fuzer" Romppanen: and im not here for this month
[11.9.2012 12:41:56] Samuli "Fuzer" Romppanen: so you give back my money
[11.9.2012 12:41:58] Boss: You are breaking the rules
[11.9.2012 12:42:02] Boss: you know how it works?
[11.9.2012 12:42:06] Boss: If not - read the contract again
[11.9.2012 12:42:08] Samuli "Fuzer" Romppanen: well
[11.9.2012 12:42:11] Samuli "Fuzer" Romppanen: as you said i didnt sign it
[11.9.2012 12:42:17] Boss: So I don't have your money
[11.9.2012 12:42:32] Boss: Do you have any confirmation?
[11.9.2012 12:42:41] Boss: No. So now you see my situation when you don't sign the contract.

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Finally, despite acknowledging Ministry of Win's advantages as having good computers, being helpful for one's improvement as a player and the overall player atmosphere, Fuzer took the time to mention the unhealthy and insufficient food menu, the lack of a real practice schedule as well as personal training programs or workout schedules.

To find another side of the story, ESFI World approached Ministry of Win project manager Maciej Krupowies as well as Desrow and Snute - respectively current and former residents of Ministry of Win.

Regarding the contract situation, Krupowies says that MoW had agreed to changes to satisfy some objections of Fuzer's, confirmed that they requested to see lawyer's qualifications and explained how contracts are signed between MoW and its residents.

Maciej Krupowies

We spoke a few weeks ago and it was my first attempt when I tried to sign a contract with him. We found some mistakes in it and he wanted us to change them - so we did it. After showing him the correct contract he still had a lot of objections...he wanted to consult it with his lawyer, and we agreed to that. We just wanted to see [the lawyer’s] license - we requested that to be sent on our e-mail. Nothing ever appeared, so we wanted [Fuzer] to sign the contract, and he declined.


Most of the players receive the contract before they arrive. For some players, we are offering different conditions in the contract. We hadn’t signed the contract with Fuzer before he arrived, and this is undoubtedly a mistake that can't be repeated again.

Snute himself shed more light on the matter, confirming that players are able to revise their contracts, same with streaming revenues, while according to Desrow, the 10-year clause and the one about streaming revenues - both mentioned in Fuzer's statement - are correct. An official statement by Ministry of Win was also released today:

Warsaw, Poland, September 13 – It with is with a great sadness and regret that we must ever part ways prematurely with a participant. We take the environment and the progression of each and every participant at MoW very seriously. The specific arrangements between a participant and the facility are kept strictly confidential and we have and will continue to make every effort to fulfill our obligations to both our participants and the greater community. We are grateful for your continued support as we continue our pursuit of genuine innovation, fueled by our shared passion and dedication for helping our participants achieve greatness. Thank you!

We will continue to follow the case as it develops.

Source: Team Liquid, ESFI World