pHD HotS Beta Tournament Underway

Posted by Andrei "procyonlotor" Filote at 12 September 2012 23:25

Wings of Liberty veterans will remember the HDH Invitational, which brought us some of the biggest names and best plays from the WoL beta. Alex "HDStarcraft" Do and Taylor "PainUser" Parsons now bring us yet another beta tournament.

One of the most exciting parts of a beta is seeing the pros at work, and there is no better way than to see them put their new skills and units to the test by offering them a lavish prize of 2000 dollars. Having enlisted some of the brightest names in the foreign scene, HD and PainUser have already begun showing us some of the most innovative play to come out of the Heart of the Swarm beta.

Total Prize Pool: $2000

Format: 8 player single elimination


United StatesDestiny
United StatesEGSuppy[RC]
United StatesLighTKawaiiRice
United StatesEGDemuslim[RC]
United StatesQuanticIllusion

Day One VoDs and stream can be found here.

Source: TL thread