Replays of the Week: September 2-9

Posted by Julian "hattfatt" Koch at 10 September 2012 00:32

Here we go again with some of this week's finest replays, like you would probably expect from a series called "Replays of the Week". This week we learn that the final minute can undo the rest of a game, that sometimes the underdog can take the spotlight and that my sense of humor has yet to reach maturity.

1. HasuObs vs Goody

I'm not spoiling anything for you if I tell you that Goody could have won this in a five minute interval throughout the game. He was far ahead by minute 15, even further at 20 and ridiculously far at 25, when suddenly he was only slightly ahead at 30 and lost the game at 31. That is a spoiler.

HasuObs vs Goody: Replay

2. Stephano vs StarNaN

The single one game I hope for your sake you didn't have any GosuBet money on. With Stephano's ZvP record this match probably wouldn't have made it to most betting pages anyway. But where other Protosses struggle StarNaN comes up with an idea as simple as it is amazing: why not just play a near perfect micro game?

Stephano vs StarNaN: Replay

3. TLO vs uRanUs

There are two things we love more than our mothers: long, epic macro games and immature jokes. While I couldn't for the life of me come up with a clever joke about The Little One taking his turn on uRanUs, we at least get to see a nice hour long match with all the units.

TLO vs uRanUs: Replay

4. HasuObs vs Bly

This one is probably a bit more standard but, you know, sometimes a well done standard is just as good as the fancy stuff. When you drive your Toyota, listening to Bon Jovi, to pick up some vanilla ice cream, you know what you are going to get. And sometimes the cute girl behind the counter gives you extra Broodlords with Dark Templars on the side.

HasuObs vs Bly: Replay

5. StarNaN vs Ourk

Not wanting to repeat myself, but StarNaN left an impression on us with his really intense micro. I'm not saying his macro is lacking either, after all he managed to keep his 25 and upward Warpgates busy.

StarNaN vs Ourk: Replay

BONUS: TLO vs WeekendfOu

There was a time when players artistically shaped their builds to hit certain timings to abuse their opononents' builds. Then a guy called TLO came to think that maybe he should decide when his timings should work, so he went over WeekendfOu's head and made it clear that he was in charge over what is built when. And the Mothership certainly didn't fit into his timing.

TLO vs WeekenfOu: Replay

Now you've read all this and your favorite replay of the week isn't among them? Maybe it just got buried in our Replay Section.

I'd like to take a second out of your time to talk some serious truths here. After the mission to find a suitable pun for the TLO vs uRanUs replay I have come to my limits. In times like these, puny humans like me have to ask for help so maybe we'll come up with a better joke about the gassy, enormous giant that Uranus is.