Creator wins the $16,000 of TSL 4

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 09 September 2012 11:46
Photo by: Leveltory

Hyun Woo "Creator" Jang - the protoss player of team Prime - emerged as the new champion of the Team Liquid Starleague after pulling a 4-2 against ST_Life.

Having dropped just two maps throughout the entire tournament and with a fresh out of the oven WCS Korea championship, Creator entered the series the arguable favorite. Knowing Life's wacky at times ZvP play, however, the viewers knew better than to expect a standard series from beginning till end.

Life delayed his third in the first game on Ohana to go for faster Lair and soon enough his Infestor count started growing rapidly. Nevertheless, with the exception of one ling drop that sniped the main nexus, Creator had shut himself off completely, providing no opportunities for Life to deal any damage. There was no other option but to go for the core late-game brood lord/infestor composition but a major screw up during the first encounter with the mothership ball cost Life the better part of his infestors and the game a few minutes down the road.

Game two on Entombed Valley started on the right foot for Creator as well as his surprise Phoenix play imposed a cancel on Life's plans for quick drop play. Creator did not control the situation for too long, however: a few fungals ended his presence in the air and a reckless attack into spine crawlers and other pointy zerg appendiges ruined his day. The score was back to tied.

Both players traded two straightforward series to keep the scales balanced with Life taking Daybreak and Creator sweeping Antiga Shipyard with a stalker/immortal centric army. A 2-base immortal all-in into a base race put Creator in the lead and another set of solid safe play made the scoreline 4-2 for the Protoss. The WCS champion of Korea nailed another gold for himself, accompanied with $16,000.

TSL 4 final standings
1. Korea Creator, $16,000
2. Korea Life, $7,000
3. Korea Keen, $3,000
4. Korea Sting, $1,500
5-8. Korea Hack, $700
5-8. Korea First, $700
5-8. Korea Curious, $700
5-8. United Kingdom JonnyREcco, $700