Warhound getting nerfed in next HOTS patch

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 07 September 2012 13:32

Terrans' new super mech weapon might not remain too powerful for much longer. According to David Kim, the Warhound and the Swarm Host will be addressed in the next patch.

Since the HotS beta start, tester have been unanimous in their feedback about the warhound - it's just too strong not only against protoss and terran but against zerg as well. Same goes for swarm host which too has exceeded its intended power and is one of protosses darkest nightmares in PvZ.

Both units are getting changed in the next beta patch to adjust the balance of the game.

David Kim:

We're currently thinking counters to Swarm Hosts from the Protoss side are splash damage units, kiting with ranged units, well placed Force Fields, and/or Tempests with Oracle spotting for them (using either Preordain or Revelation).

However, the Locusts are doing a bit too much and are currently looking into possible solutions. We want the Swarm Host to feel like a powerful tech option for Zerg, especially against Protoss, so we will do our best to achieve this throughout the beta.

For the Warhound, we wanted to create a really core and solid unit from the factory vs. Protoss and Terran. So while it's a good thing that they are a core option vs. many different strategies, we do feel they may be a bit too all round than we initially expected. This is also another thing we're looking at addressing with the first beta balance patch.

Thanks for your feedback.

In another topic, David Kim took time to answer some concerns about the Oracle's Preordain and Revelation abilities. The player's feedback itself can be found just below.

Dayvie, what do you think about Preordain and Revelation? I can understand why Revelation was necessary -- they needed mobile detection, not detection tied to a structure -- but with too vision based spells, the Oracle begins to feel like a glorified observer, only costing 200 gas. This, to me, is the main problem with the Oracle aside from just being "too weak"

This; addition to balance-related things like its low shields, high gas cost, and Entomb only being effective in rare cases, it makes the Oracle seem underwhelming as a whole.

I can understand your argument for low shields, but I disagree: even with a 50\50 sheild-health ratio; the Oracle has such low total health\shields that it is vulnerable enough to force players to be extremely careful when using it even if the shield count was greater.

In his response, Kim acknowledges that there's somewhat of an overlap between the Observer and Oracle's abilities and that the issue will be internally discussed.