KeSPA and GSL still tied after today's OSL

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 05 September 2012 18:41
Flash is already through but will fight MC for the top one place in the group
Photo by: Alex Gao

The games from earlier today have spoken: three KeSPA and three GSL players are sure to advance to the playoffs before the last round of matches are played next week.

Unlike its run in WCS Korea, the KeSPA party is doing much better in OSL and is already topping two of the groups, one round before the end.

After nailing a second win in a row, SKT's Rain leads group A with a 2-0 after making short work of DongRaeGu who was kind enough to provide a large enough hive tech timing window for Rain to kill him with a 150 food push. This means that the final group standings are to be decided by a face-off between DRG and MarineKing - a conflict the StarCraft 2 scene is most familiar with.

SKT's Fantasy could not double his 1-0 score and easily fell to Oz's 2-base immortal, making his future in the groups still uncertain. Due to the postponing of Oz vs Last, group B is a match behind the other so it is still unknown who will advance out of it.

Woongjin's Flying was the second player to secure a playoffs spot for himself after a victory against ST_Parting. The phoenix opening into immortals worked more then well against Parting's blink and Flying joyfully performed his dish-washing victory ceremony, reminding Parting of his Brood War B-teamer status and all that he was good for during those times.

In group D, the "Ultimate Weapon" Flash continued to destroy protosses and after San it was BeSt's turn. BeSt tried his best to resist the bio punch with viking knuckles with his colossus ball but there was just too much stuff for Flash. After the colossi went down, BeSt only had his templars to protect him. Sadly for him, though, he needed much more than two.

Next week, Flash and MC will fight for the first place in their group.

OSL Round of 16
Group AGroup B
Korea Rain2-0Korea Last1-0
Korea DongRaeGu1-1Korea Oz1-0
Korea MarineKing1-1Korea Fantasy1-1
Korea Jangbi0-2Korea NesTea0-2
Group CGroup D
Korea Flying2-0Korea Flash2-0
Korea Mvp1-1Korea MC2-0
Korea Parting1-1Korea BeSt0-2
Korea Baby0-2Korea San0-2