TSM Evo disbands

Posted by Michael "Zechs_" Radford at 04 September 2012 13:46
After a disappointing showing at NA regionals, TSM Evo has decided to disband.
It’s been a pretty tough time for TSM Evo, culminating in a first round exit at last weekend’s North American regionals. It comes as no huge surprise, then, to hear that the team has decided to part ways. A lengthy blog post by Wingsofdeathx explained some of the reasoning behind the split. “The work we put in ultimately didn't pay off,” he wrote on TSM’s site.

The blog goes into a lot of detail about the team’s history, especially its rise and fall. After a breakout performance at RoG, Wings admits that the team “got into this mindset that we could casually practice and just stomp opponents out of pure talent.” Clearly, that’s a dangerous mentality: “we were desensitized to the consequences of missing practice,” he said.

But Wings is convinced that the rot really set in after dropping to the lower bracket of that RoG event. Evo went to face a lesser-known Orbit team, losing 2-0. “Rather than do our proper research, talk about last games mistakes, and prepare ourselves for the match, we brushed it off lightly,” he said, “something you should do in any competitive sport or event.” It was after that game and subsequent elimination that Aphromoo decided to move to mTw (now Monomaniacs).

According to Wings, Evo had already decided that NA regionals would be their last attempt at making things work. “We spent around 7+ hours a day scrimming and looking for scrims,” said Wings. When that failed to put Evo into the season two finals, enough was enough. After hiding their practice and streaming very little, the players had lost a lot of their income and agreed that it was no longer worth the risk without huge backing. This particularly hurt Nhat Nyugen who “would have to put in some insane daily hours to make things work.”

But Wingsofdeathx also wanted to make sure that fans knew that it had been a mutual decision. “People blaming [Salce] for our team breaking up but this is not true and we had decided on this long ago,” he said. Where these players will end up is now unclear. Rumours are circulating reddit, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet. GosuGamers will keep you up-to-date, of course.

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