Replays of the Week: August 26 - September 2

Posted by Julian "hattfatt" Koch at 02 September 2012 16:21

I guess we'll have to call this week's RotW the Indie episode with all the lesser known players it features. You will see that we went full hipster with some of our picks, but don't worry, they're still really good games.

1. Adelscott vs HyuN

Adelscott handles his force fields well in his push, which puts him ahead of HyuN early. The players wander aimlessly across the map until HyuN has an idea: just put a bunch of burrowed James Bond-Infestors in his base and let Infested Marines do the killing. Adelscott, however is smarter than the typical villain in these stories and doesn't reveal his big attack until the very end.

Adelscott vs HyuN: Replay

2. IdrA vs Everize

This may seem like SV Meppen is facing FC Bayern. IdrA even takes a lead with his initial Roach push, but is kind enough to line up his Drones for Everize' Hellions to roast. It gets a bit out of hand though, and you may find, somewhat surprisingly, that IdrA doesn't quit the game but instead pulls back.

IdrA vs Everize: Replay

3. Delphi vs Hanfy

If you know a bit about the German scene, you've most likely heard of Delphi. And even if you do know a bit, it's not unlikely that you still haven't heard of Hanfy. The thing is, that kid just won EPS Germany Summer. Here we have a ZvZ where neither of the player gets past the 100 supply mark until the twentieth minute, meaning that these are ruthlessly butting heads for the entire game.

Delphi vs Hanfy: Replay

4. Todeskampf vs Philo

You probably never heard of these guys, but then again noone knew that Bruce Wayne was Batman, Peter Parker was Spiderman and Clark Kent was Superman. This just goes to show that people that aren't known to the public can do awesome stuff.

Todeskampf vs Philo: Replay

5. Pasildan vs IFKlareaBR

While this is a very close game in itself, with all the Chargelots and Dark Templars putting the Terran player under heavy pressure, three little fellas stand out especially. Those three hero Marines that mess with the Probes at the Protoss natural makes you wonder why noone in the history of StarCraft ever even considered that Marines were OP.

Pasildan vs IFKlareaBR: Replay

If you miss your good old pros, don't fret, since they are all still over at our Replay Section.

I would like to take a second and give our GosuBet and replay manager Tomas the praise he deserves for being the awesome replay scout he is. He is a real treasure to work with so take this chance to help him out!

If you're even more hipster than us and want to let us know by leaving comments below saying "I knew player xy was good before he was even on here!", do so!