TSM and Dignitas in the grand final of NA regionals

Posted by Michael "Zechs_" Radford at 02 September 2012 03:19
Two semi-finals that were epic in their own ways, but now TSM and Dignitas will fight for the cash while CLG and Curse fight for the all-important third place.
With both Curse and TSM just one win from the season two finals, not to mention a berth into RIOT’s lucrative new league, this was always going to be an intense game. It was Curse who started the better, taking a 4,000 gold lead after 20 minutes. But after taking Baron they got too low on health and lost a game-turning team fight. An ace soon after that led to an inhibitor for TSM, followed by another Chaox-dominated team fight to push home the victory.

This would turn out to be a series all about carries. After an excellent performance from Chaox, game two was dominated by Cop, who ended the game without a single death. A quadra kill for him put Curse up by 11,000 gold and despite a clutch Baron steal by Oddone, Curse was able to tie up the series. The crucial third game was fairly one sided, though the first 15 minutes were very close. With only a 1,000 gold lead, TSM won the first real team fight and took a Baron. From there, they pushed their advantage through to the end, moving into tomorrow’s grand final.

The second semi-final between CLG and Dignitas was equally important and both games of the series were very, very passive. The first kill didn’t come until 11 minutes in, but Dignitas picked up a couple of Dragons. The first team fight didn’t happen until the 35 minute mark, which led to a Dignitas ace and a Baron pickup. Now Scarra’s team were starting to pull away and a second Baron sealed the deal.

If you thought that game was slow and passive, I don’t know what to tell you about game two. An abnormal poke-heavy composition from Dignitas featured AP Nidalee in top lane and Caitlyn in bottom lane. It worked a treat for a while, taking down tower after tower almost without engaging in a single team fight. But despite the first inhibitor going down after 35 minutes, Dignitas were unable to make the final push thanks to their fragile poke-centric team. The game dragged on for what seemed like forever, with Baron buffs becoming irrelevant. But CLG were almost never out of their own side of the map except for a few brief excursions. Eventually, after 76 long minutes, Dignitas finally made drove their advantage home and claimed the second spot in tomorrow’s final.

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