Ezreal talks champions past, present and future

Posted by Michael "Zechs_" Radford at 29 August 2012 16:42
Ezreal has updated his Q&A thread on the official RIOT forums with some interesting discussion on champion design and balance.

Over on Surrender at 20, they wrapped up some recent posts from RIOT Game Designer, Ezreal. There were some very interesting titbits brought up from his Q&A’s with forum posters, mostly about champion design. Talking about generic character design, he said there are certain rules they try and keep to: “a ranged carry that requires 0 CS is simply a no no.” However, “new champions are not 'required' to be competitively viable, though we would like them to be,” he said.

Getting more specific, he went on to answer questions about new champions coming from different areas of the League lore. “The likelihood that more Void and Shadow Isles characters will come out in the future is high,” said Ezreal. So if we’re expecting more Kassadin and Yorick-themed champions in future, the natural question for lore aficionados was what about Kassadin junior? “We still haven't found the perfect champion to be Kassadin's Daughter,” he admitted, “though I have a solid idea for the future.”

Still on the topic of new champions, it seems that Rengar wasn’t enough for some people: “we have another...REALLY AWESOME...assassin coming out soon.” But RIOT isn’t a company that forgets about old champions in need of attention either. “Sejuani is getting looked at currently,” said Ezreal. “We want to go back and improve all of the champions that we feel have not hit their full potential.” Weirdly, he included Yorick in that category – a champion that has seen more than his fair share of competitive play. Exactly what they want to do with him is a little unclear, but most players would agree that Sejuani needs some help.

Surrender at 20 - Source