Samsung KHAN to SPL Grand Finals

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 28 August 2012 19:01
Photo by: Daily Esports

The group stage of the SK Planet Proleague is over and KHAN are in the lead of the ranking, taking a direct flight to the grand finals. Behind them trail CJ, Team 8 and SK Telecom T1.

After scoring two more victories in week 5, there was no stopping Samsung KHAN and they finished with +13 points as the winners of the group stage and with 12-9 in series. This also put the leaders after rounds 1 and 2 Woongjin Stars out of the competition and the team that once had the best performing StarCraft 2 roster finished fifth, barely not making the playoffs.

With the same 12-9 score but far behind in points came the runner ups from CJ Entus, followed by Team 8 and finally SK Telecom - the winners of Group Stage Round 3.

The playoffs begin on September first with SK Telecom T1 vs Team 8. Each round will feature three separate encounters between the teams, which in turn will be in the known format: a BroodWar Bo3, a StarCraft 2 Bo3 and a StarCraft 2 ace match should there be a need for one.

Round 2 of the playoffs are scheduled shortly after Round 1 is completed and by September 11th we'll know who will play Samsung KHAN in the grand final on the 22nd.

SK Planet Proleague Final standings
Samsung KHAN12-9+13
CJ Entus12-9+3
Team 812-9+2
SK Telecom T112-90
Woongjin Stars11-10+19
STX Soul11-100
KT Rolster9-12-5
Air Force ACE5-16-33

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