Replays of the Week: Aug 20-26

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 28 August 2012 01:10

With our staffed ROTW writer hattfatt abducted - temporarily - by ancient aliens, someone had to take his place.

Let's go through the five best replays from last week while I try to be funny...

1. IIIIIIII vs Zenio

Whether the terran here is really Flash as some people suggested - we cannot know. What we do know is that a TvZ is real high quality when there's some good half an hour till its end after Ultralisks make the field.

In these 44 minutes of beautiful, motley and seemingly chaotic masterpiece (quite redolent of a Terry Gilliam movie for some reason...), the terran abuses drops and counter attacks to the extent that begs the questions "Why isn't this race winning more. Or everything.

IIIIIIII vs Zenio: Replay

2. MC vs Puma

When last we showed you MC's 2-base carrier in his match against Kas, we were ready to swear there was nothing cooler, period.

Holy coital encounter, were we wrong. Not only this game features a 2-base carrier versus a 2-base BC but there's also a big red dot indicating of an imminent nuclear disaster calmly floating between the two armies.

MC vs Puma: Replay

3. Snute vs ForGG

ForGG opens with a hellion/marauder/banshee build but is chased away because, evidently, queens are too God damn imba. Their air heats up as Snute and ForGG engage in an unstopping war for that little piece of rock and metal more commonly known as Antiga's central highground while simultaneously trying to play dirty. For every bio drop there is a ling counter attack and for every banshee raid there's an infestor harassment and this continues for good 33 minutes.

Snute vs ForGG: Replay

4. Zenio vs LofSuperb

When Zenio ends up 20 supply ahead against mech at around the 20th minute mark, he knows things are not looking too great: thors are en masse and blue flame hellions make lings obsolete.

And then it hits him: if you can fight fire with fire, make a nerdy kid punch himself and turn man against his brother, why can't you use thors against thors?

Zenio vs LofSuperb: Replay

5. Pasildan vs BelieverSoul

How do you beat terran as protoss? Some people believe you cannot, because "terran is just stupid, yo!". Some try going bio, while others try mixing in some ghosts.

Pasildan, on the other hand, tries the somewhat different approach of "kill every nexus on the map as soon as it spawns". I can only imagine how BelieverSoul felt after those long minutes of having his economy whack-a-mole'd.

Pasildan vs BelieverSoul: Replay

BONUS: Bly vs ImbaWorld

Just because I am feeling extra generous today (or rather because our leading replay manager made me), I am presenting you with a sixth, bonus replay for the week in which Bly and Imbaworld play a HotS custom map!

Whether you eagerly expect the Swarm Host (I am sure you do) or passionately love the Tempest (I am sure you don't), treat yourself to this replay and drink from the hype chalice engraved with trepidation for the upcoming expansion.

Oh and remember: in HotS or elsewhere, speedy or not, Hydras still suck against Colossi.

Bly vs Imbaworld: Replay

If you want to rescue hattfatt from the aforementioned ancient aliens, go over to our Replay Section and vote with at least 17 replay downloads to save his petty soul. If you have some personal desires like seeing him flayed for community's amusement or if you're craving for a TvT replay pack with short, to-the-point hour-long games, throw a comment our way and we will consider that. Possibly.