Leenock with 4-1 for the Summer Championship gold

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 27 August 2012 10:27
Photo by: ESFI World

FXO zerg Dong Nyoung "Leenock" Lee snatched last night his second MLG title after a near-flawless match against IM's First. This is the second title from the American tournament for the youngster, whose MLG earnings are at $75,000.

Similarly to his MLG Providence run, Leenock started from the Open Bracket where he knocked down Vibe, Ranged and HuK to earn a spot in the playoffs. After a loss in the first round to Alicia, Leenock dropped to group's losers bracket and went through Sheth, Binski and Puma before taking sweet revenge against the SlayerS' protoss. That sent him to group's final and after a 2-1 and 2-0 against aLive, Leenock trampolined himself to champions' Round of 8.

Wins against Violet and TheSTC were Leenock's ticket to the grand final where IM_First was already ready and waiting after destroying Taeja in the semi final.

Using a number of aggressive strategies to keep First away from his comfortable late-game state, Leenock score a quick 3-0 lead, putting First in less than a comfortable position.

After Leenock threw away a game by going for a quick nydus that got scouted after a traitorous overlord hinted First that there's something fishy going, First did get the chance to play some late-game after all. In what would be the final game on Shakuras, First's mothership ball met Leenock's hive tech army only to see itself obliterated after a failed vortex. With that, the series was over and leenock raised the $25,000 check.

MLG Summer Championship standings

1. Korea Leenock, $25,000
2. Korea First, $15,000
3-4. Korea Taeja, $7,250
3-4. Korea TheSTC, $7,250
5-6. Korea HerO, $3,500
5-6. Korea Violet, $3,500
7-8. Korea Revival, $2,250
7-8. Korea Heart, $2,250