ESF steps in to boycott KeSPA

Posted by fdfgdgdg "TheRacistDragon" dfgfdgfd at 24 August 2012 11:42
Yesterday GOMTV announced that KeSPA has decided to omit the upcoming GSL Season 4 Qualifiers due to intense schedule.

Today the Korean e-Sports Association released their official statement in which they announced that they will not only skip the GSL Season four qualifiers, but also season five due to too many tournaments happening for their players during the week. You can read our news on it here.

Because of the actions taken by KeSPA, ESF (e-Sports Federation) which was created by the most prominent Korean Starcraft 2 teams: Startale, IM, Prime, MVP, NS Hoseo, FXO, and TSL, have decided to boycott the current OSL event and withdraw all of their players from the ongoing tournament, effective immediately according to this announcement.

UPDATE [24.08]: Through Daily eSports, KeSPA have announced that they will participate in GSL Season 5. Decision have been made because of their wish to continue with OSL Ro 16 on the 28th of August. Official statement is available here.

ULDATE [25.08]: Following the events from yesterday during which KeSPA announced that they will not be allowing their players to compete in GSL preliminaries which was followed by an OSL boycott from the ESF players, KeSPA announced that their players will, after all, be allowed to compete in GSL 5 (but not in GSL 4).

Despite the development of this events, ESF player are continuing their boycott the OSL on the ground of that "KeSPA has still not changed their stance on allowing their players in the GSL in a continuous fashion" (thus far, only GSL 5 participation has been confirmed and nothing for the next seasons have been said).

Source: Team Liquid

Source: This Is Game