WCS Korea: The terrans are thinning out

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 21 August 2012 14:46
With the elimination of aLive (in picture) and Reality, Polt is the only terran left standing in WCS Korea
Photo by: Team Liquid

Terrans' hardships come to leave their mark at yet another tournaments as two more terran players face elimination in WCS Korea losers round three.

WCS Korea viewers were served a very short day of almost entirely one-sided 2-0's, starting with the team kill between CJ's hero[join] and Effort. Although one of the best players in transition at this point of time, the two CJ aces just could not find it in themselves to dance a tango of more than twenty minutes in total. Or rather Effort couldn't as twice in a row was he ended by a 2-base gateway push, catching him unprepared both times.

As if only to fix the sour taste from the opening PvZ, Miya and Alive engaged in a genuinely entertaining game on Tal'Darim Altar. Miya opted to get some high tech real quick but was punished by Alive's aggression, losing a lot of momentum in the mid-game. As Miya survived till the late-game however, days got dark for Alive. His end-game TvZ discomfort shined brightly while brood lords were wrecking his base and although Alive refused to die for a long time, there was simply no answer to the air threat.

Game two in the same series would bring the playday back on the tracks of one-sided facestomping. Alive opened 3-rax pressure but Miya promptly smelled it and produced just enough lings to erase the marine army from the battlefield. Once again, the terran fought for dear life in the next minutes but Miya was already snowballing out of control both tech- and macro-wise.

One of the only two terrans left by that time, Reality got the ill luck of playing Liquid's super protoss HerO. Having shown proof that he know his StarCraft 2 by being the only KeSPA player to beat the preliminaries and the first one to win a televised WCS game, Reality was looking very good overall... just not good enough to go past HerO. A bio push without combat shields turned into a shambles on Cloud Kingdom and so did the game on Entombed Valley after the bulk of Reality's army was caught in a force field prison and treated to a meal of psi storms and colossi blazes.

WCS Korea Losers Round 3
Korea Hero[join]2-0Korea Effort
Korea Miya2-0Korea Alive
Korea HerO2-0Korea Reality

After these results, Polt is the only terran currently left in the tournament and he will be facing Reality's eliminator from today Liquid`Hero. This is also the last week for WCS and on Saturday, August 25th, we'll close our coverage as the grand final is played.

WCS Korea schedule
Wednesday, August 22rd: Losers round 4
Korea RainVSKorea Curious
Korea PoltVSKorea HerO
Korea PuzzleVSKorea hero[join]
Korea RorOVSKorea Miya
Thursday, August 23rd: Winners semi finals
Korea PartingVSKorea Seed
Korea CreatorVSKorea Squirtle