Nerchio takes the SEE

Posted by Eyal "KOKOStern" Stern at 20 August 2012 16:46

Nerchio's incredible run doesn't stop with IEM, and is bolstered by his win at the Samsung European Encounter that was held during gamescom Cologne. DeMusliM and Grubby take second and third respectively.

The SSE was composed of 16 European players and was played out 17-19 of August during gamescom. Our three finalists easily climbed to the top of their respective groups to reach the playoffs and compete for the €2,300 prize pool.

Nerchio went through SortOf at the semis 2-1 to face DeMuslim at the finals and defeat him 2-0 to claim the €1,000 prize. DeMusliM was left with second place and €800. Grubby and SortOf played out for the Bronze, leaving Grubby the winner 2-0 with €500.

1. Poland Nerchio, €1,000
2. United Kingdom DeMusliM, €800
3. Netherlands Grubby, €500