SK Telecom with a triple win in last week's SPL

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 20 August 2012 16:48
Photo by: Daily eSports

After a rough first two rounds, reigning Proleague champions SKT are getting back on their feet and two weeks before the group phase's they are within a hand's reach of a playoffs spot.

SK Telecom T1 have been on a tear in Round 3 of the SPL and short of the minor setback against STX Soul in week three, the guys behind team captain s2 have been doing nothing but winning. Currently in the first position in the round standings, SKT own a large part of their success to Rain, who's been their go-to guy whenever ace matches were a factor.

Although their streak has been impressive, SKT are still not safe for the playoffs as they're currently fifth in the overall ranking just two points behind CJ Entus. If they want to keep their chances alive, SKT will have to defeat Air Force ACE in the very last match of the round on August 26th.

In other SPL news, Team 8 are certain for the playoffs. Team 8 are having yet another great performance after their Round 2 first place and are thus first in the overall ranking with 12-8 and even a loss to Samsung KHAN this Saturday will not put Jaedong's team out of the top four.

Surprising is the decline of Woongjin Stars who, once the best performing team in StarCraft 2, are now down to sixth place, hoping for a miracle two weeks before the playoffs in the form of convincing victory against KT Rolster. KT themselves are already out together with Air Force ACE but might have just enough strength to put a stick in Woongjin's wheels.

SK Planet Proleague Overall standings
Team 812-8+6
Samsung KHAN11-9+10
STX Soul11-9+2
CJ Entus11-9+1
SK Telecom T111-9-1
Woongjin Stars10-10+17
KT Rolster9-10-3
Air Force ACE4-15-32

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