Replays of the Week: Aug 12-19

Posted by Julian "hattfatt" Koch at 19 August 2012 21:21

IEM has just ended and the first few replays from that event have made it into this episode of RotW. Just so you know: this is probably the longest RotW in raw game time we have done so far.

1. Seed vs TaeJa

If you're watching this replay you might find it bland at first. I urge you, however, to press CTRL+R and play "Where's Waldo" with all the lost SCVs. Bonus points if you play it from TaeJa's point of view. I don't want you to ignore the extremely close finish either.

Seed vs TaeJa: Replay

2. NesTea vs PuMa

Do you remember that scene in The Lord of the Rings where that guy with the torch tries to blow up the walls of Helm's Deep? This replay is kind of like that, except there are dozens of these Uruk Hai in the shape of banelings and PuMa doesn't have a grumpy dwarf and a swift underwear model with a bow at his side to protect him.

NesTea vs PuMa: Replay

3. Killer vs NesTea

This is one of the weirder replays. NesTea sports a number of Mutalisks, which, unless my math education fails me, is generally described as a metric sh*t-ton. Behind that he builds his Broodlord army, so Killer gets himself a mothership for the Vortex. Then there's Nydus worms for island expansions (which, if I may add, doesn't even make sense if you look at the map), only to later get them storm dropped.

Killer vs NesTea: Replay

4. Zenio vs LosirA

Here's something you don't see all that often. Just like Paris Hilton doing something productive, a clown that is not creepy and NaNiwa getting far into a foreign tournament, interesting ZvZ's are a rare thing for your eyes to behold. This is one of the few.

Zenio vs LosirA: Replay

5. MC vs Kas

Those of you who excitedly followed Andy Murray win Tennis Gold at this year's Olympics will love this game. You can turn your head left and right and left and right for 40 minutes and watch an enticing back and forth in this PvT.

MC vs Kas: Replay

BONUS: Grubby vs Miya

In 90 minutes you can do any of the following things: watch Adam Sandler's masterpiece Jack & Jill. Make more than a dozen of cups of ramen noodles. Play soccer. Play an entire best of 5 set. Or you can wait for Grubby and Miya to finish mining out Entombed Valley, Sim City style.

Grubby vs Miya: Replay

Our boss told me that if I don't get more people into our Replay Section, he would get a puppy for the entire crew. I'm allergic, so please help me.

In light of the most recent IEM we have something special in store for you; this Wednesday we will have a special episode of RotW featuring the very best of IEM Cologne.

And if you feel like it, you can leave us a comment. It's cheaper than mail and less awkward than OkCupid!

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